Desert Milagros meaning "desert miracles," provides a place for healing and recovery.


Life is a journey that presents many opportunities for personal growth. The path to a freer and more joyful state of mind begins with identifying your healing and recovery needs. We have carefully chosen methods that effectively release thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you. We believe that addressing issues underlying your challenges is the most effective way to reduce symptoms and to achieve real healing at the mental, emotional, and physical levels. Self-empowerment is also emphasized by teaching you tools that not only manage your thoughts and emotions in the present but can be used throughout your lifetime to effectively handle life’s many challenges.

While each person uniquely experiences their path to recovery, we believe that the tools and methods provided in that process can greatly accelerate one’s return to wellness and improve personal functioning. It is our goal to provide you with the best-trained professionals and treatment methods that can assist you in that journey.

At Desert Milagros, you will find many opportunities for healing and recovery through the various programs we offer for the treatment of disordered eating, trauma, and mental health issues. All our programs encourage and promote one’s spirit and desire to thrive in life.



Therapist at Desert Milagros are Master’s level professionals who are trained in various treatment modalities and best practices that address recovery and healing from a holistic perspective. Support staff including dietitians, counseling assistants, and personal trainers are certified in their area of expertise. All of our staff participate in continuing education and training to enhance their abilities to provide you with the best possible care. 

Faith Suaso, Ph.D.Executive Director
Dr. Suaso established Desert Milagros in 2010 and has dedicated her career to providing programs and services that address the interconnecting relationship between mind, body, and spirit. She is a licensed professional therapist and has a doctorate in psychology with an emphasis in spirituality and consciousness studies. Dr. Suaso has worked for some of the leading treatment facilities in addiction, eating disorder and mental health recovery. With over 30 years in the field she brings maturity and compassion to the many challenges facing the behavioral health community. Today she oversees program development and the daily operations of Desert Milagros.
Colleen Noonan, LMSWTherapist
Colleen graduated from Arizona State University with a Masters of Social Work and has an extensive career working with patients in various settings. She is the Program Manager for our eating disorder program and facilitates groups for the adult program.
Tami Carrisosa, MA, LPCTherapist
Tami received her Master's degree in counseling from Chapman University upon retiring from the U.S. Air Force. Tami works with teens in our Eating Disorder and Mental Health programs. Her therapeutic background includes trauma, conflict resolution, grief, and loss therapy, and providing treatment for those with severe mental illness. Her approach in therapy is from a strengths-based perspective. Tami is a board registered clinical supervisor.
Lorrene Mithers, M.Ed., LACTherapist
Lorrene received her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Georgia Southern University. She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and is the Program Manager for our trauma programs. She has experience working with different treatment issues including grief and loss, mood disorders, phobias, and severe mental illness. Lorrene is an Army veteran and brings the same dedication and commitment to her work at Desert Milagros.
Kim Parra, MA, LPCTherapist

Kim received her Masters of Arts in Counseling from the University of New Mexico, following a career in the educational field. Kim is the Clinical Manager for Desert Milagros adult and teen programs. Kim also manages Intakes and supports new patients through the enrollment process.

As a therapist, her approach to working with patients is based on attachment theory, interpersonal biology, family systems, and trauma theory. Kim is a student of the Tapas Acupressure Technique and uses forms of energy psychology to help patients gain relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Alyssa Deal, BSDietetics
Alyssa graduated from the University of Central Arkansas and DTR in Tucson AZ. She has experience as a clinical nutritionist in a variety of settings including mental health, rehabilitation, and sports nutrition. Her role at Desert Milagros includes working with our teen and adult patients in their recovery from disordered eating, and assisting other patients in learning healthy eating and nutrition for well-being.
Katherine Crawford, BAPersonal Trainer

Katherine is a certified personal trainer holding advanced certifications in Corrective Exercise and Weight Management, emphasizing functional movement, through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. As a personal trainer, Katherine assists patients in regaining range of motion, improving life impairments through emphasizing integrated whole-body movements, balance and coordination, leading to better stability and mobility. Katherineworks with all patients throughout our programs and facilitates a specialized groups for the Binge Eating program and patients dealing with obesity related issues.

Katherine obtained her BA from the University of Washington. She holds the following certifications:

  • CPT: American Council on Exercise
  • CES: National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • WLS: National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • CAFS: Gray Institute
  • COS: American Council on Exercise
Julie Kotelman, BSHSContracts Manager and Billing Specialist
Julie received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona as a Public Health Educator. She manages all billing and contract issues for Desert Milagros. Julie helps patients understand their insurance benefits and navigate the authorization process. She works directly with each of our patients to ensure that the financial part of enrollment goes smoothly. Additionally, she advocates for patients regarding insurance authorizations and treatment extensions.
Pauline SmithReceptionist
Pauline is the first person patients see when entering the building. Her role is to help each person feel safe and welcomed to the clinic. She assists patients with their initial questions and does all their appointment scheduling. Pauline has worked in the behavioral health field for some time now and enjoys the daily interactions with our patients.
Charlotte McKee, ASOffice Assistant
Charlotte assists in the office and the management of the clinic. She is responsible for coordinating special projects and ensuring that the staff and clinic have the supplies and tools needed to operate smoothly. She is endearingly referred to as Vice President of Miscellaneous.

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